Dynamic Tutoring

Dynamic Tutoring

Tutoring is about, together with an external part, designing and strengthening one’s own methods, patterns of action and ways of thinking in order to achieve a solid and, within oneself, well-established solution to the challenges you face. Three important components for successful tutoring are, in addition to the given professional knowledge, openness, trust and courage. The goal is thus that you, in your own way but within the company’s framework, are able to solve your challenges.

Tutoring Sessions
The sessions are executed together with a Filoskop therapist either one-to-one or in a group. The number of sessions is set in accordance to the needs.

Directors Council
During 3 days, an internal tutoring council is formed, whose members themselves, with their diverse, deep and empirical knowledge, are able to guide and advise their colleagues in challenging and complex situations. The program consists of three parts;

Day 1
– Personal awareness

Day 2
– Framework and conditions
– Realtime tutoring led by a Filoskop therapist

Day 3
– Realtime tutoring led by one of the members, supervised by a Filoskop therapist
– Summary and reflection