Group Evolution

Group Evolution

We help you as a group to evolve to higher levels of cooperation and value creation. The starting point may be a need to get out of a stagnation or locking, to ensure that a change process is not limited by personal psychological defenses, or you want to become even more effective as a team. Our process consists of an overall analysis, diagnosis and development. In the analysis phase we listen to your unique situation and need to then come back with a tailor-made development plan.


  • Situation Analysis
  • The group’s raison d’être
  • The group’s personality culture
  • Collective driving force & values
  • Group development stage


  • Compilation and documentation of the analysis results


  • Group stage – Next step
  • Group Coaching – Depending on your needs
  • Group Therapy – Depending on your needs
  • Workshops – Depending on needs