Human Capital Due Diligence

Human Capital Due Diligence

Our Human Capital Due Diligence involves from a psychological position a thorough mapping of the corporate culture, identification of risk factors and untapped potential, landing in clear guidelines how the organization can be headed in the right direction. The analysis provides answers to what should be maintained, refined and what needs to be developed at both personal and group level. The interventions consist of information gathering, in-depth interviews, on-site observations, analysis and work meetings on conclusions and recommended measures.

A Human capital due diligence consists of:

  • Brief from client
  • Psychometric personality test
  • In-depth interviews with key persons
  • Key group analysis
  • Cultural analysis
  • Overall analysis & documentation




The service provides:

  • A reflection of the company’s overall psychosocial environment
  • Risk factors at individual and group level
  • Recommended action suggestions & guidelines

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