Corporate growth through
personal consciousness

We are a corporate therapist firm that help our clients to long lasting competence improvement through psychological analysis and in-depth development.

Why Filoskop

We are largely driven by unconsciousness and old limiting habits. We make unconscious decisions and affects situations subjectively all the time. To unleash an organization’s full potential and reduce various interpersonal problems, we must increase our psychological awareness. 

Psychological awareness is today’s most crucial but hidden competitive advantage. It will set the difference between the people and organizations that make consciously grounded decisions and effectively navigate in both private as professional life and those who follow current norms and unconsciously lets them be controlled by emotions and algorithms.

Filoskop provides a deep therapeutical but easily accessible services that contribute to sustainable personal and collective awareness, better collaborations, well-being and success.

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“ Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate ”
- C.G Jung

Filoskop Insight Program

A “crash course” within self-insight, self-responsibility and personal success strategy. During 10 sessions, personality, behavior and relationship patterns are mapped. Then, a self-supporting system is anchored through a combination of therapy and coaching. The program lays the foundation for psychological resilience and sustainable self-leadership.

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Group Evolution

 Groups that seemingly have all the conditions to succeed are too often limited by group members own unconscious defenses, a lack of understanding for each other and what they as a group both must and want to achieve. We develop groups to become efficient and productive teams by strengthening the most fundamental – the collaboration and its foundations.

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Executive Talks

Leading positions always mean a certain measure of loneliness, it is simply not possible to share all thoughts with one’s colleagues. In order to constantly make rational decisions, one must sometimes have a neutral force that can help sort out vulnerability, fears, strengths and potential. Through confidential and trustful conversations, the resilience to external stresses is strengthened and releases both personal and professional potential.

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Human Capital Due Diligence

From a psychological business perspective, we highlight the unspoken and subconscious forces of management and the corporate organism. This gives an invaluable insight into how the people behind the professional roles work, what their real driving forces are and how the corporate culture affects efficiency, productivity and results. A comprehensive Human Capital Due Diligence is a hygiene factor for a successful corporate investment.

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In-depth Recruitment

The In-depth Recruitment Program helps you understand the person behind the professional facade. Today, we are better than ever at sharpening our CVs, smart answering the recruiters questions and prepping our references. At the same time, recruiters approach are often one-dimensional, where focus on performance overshadows insight of personality and psychological qualities. We help you achieve higher recruitment precision by understanding the candidate from a psychological position.

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Dynamic Tutoring

Tutoring functions as a dynamic platform for creative problem solving and a place for reflection. It gives you the opportunity to analyze cause and effect and get help with finding strategies to move forward. The own identity as a leader is strengthened and the employees perspectives are processed. Filoskop offers two variants of tutoring; Tutoring Sessions and Directors Council.

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Filoskop Sessions

Filoskop Sessions consists of a combination of therapy and coaching and is aimed towards people who at the moment experience life difficult and problematic, and who are unable to to solve their problems on their own. Our talking cure contributes to deepened self-awareness and enables to consciously take responsibility for one’s own life, resolve one’s internal conflicts, manage external stresses and better utilize one’s resources and actual opportunities.

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About us

Our conviction is that the road to success is not just about rational linear knowledge, but also about awareness of our personality, our inner structures and impulses that govern our behavior. We are driven by the task of giving companies access to their potential through the individual.

In addition to the founding partners, Filoskop consists of a network of therapists, coaches, organizational consultants and business coaches with previous managerial positions in the business sector. With diploma from 4 years of studies in integrative psychotherapy, our methods are based on different psychology theories. The main ones are Psychosynthesis, Psychoanalysis, Attachment Theory and Schema Therapy.

Contact us

Indre Singh
Therapist, Coach, Organizational consultant & Partner
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Magnus Lindahl
Business Coach & Partner
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Malin Engelbrektsson
Therapist, Coach, Partner & Managing Director
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