Filoskop Sessions

The talking cure

There are countless reasons to see a therapist. It may be about relationship problems or that you have a hard time getting the life puzzle together. You can be in a crisis, have a feeling of self-doubt or have collaboration problems with a colleague. They are all good reasons to seek help from us.

We believe in the power of the talking cure, that is, the dynamic and empathetic conversation where the experienced problems are understood from the very unique person’s perspective and that what is experienced not only has a cause but also a deeper meaning. It is in this deeper meaning that one not seldom can find the real answer to the problem and, in doing so, find a solution to a sustainable change.

Sometimes there can be a hesitation to seek help from a therapist. But it is beyond doubt that the sooner you do something about the difficulties you experience, the better it is. It simply goes faster to overcome the problems, which makes the talking cure both cheaper and less problematic.

Together with a Filoskop therapist we offer a secure place, an empathetic meeting and a dedicated exploration in a combination of therapy and coaching. The sessions are 50 minutes long and takes place at your office, in Filoskop’s premises or over Skype / Facetime. The recommendation is one to two sessions per week.