We make the unconscious conscious

Awareness and self-responsibility

As human beings we are largely governed by unconsciousness and we live in a time where there is more uncertainty about the future than predictable order. It is a challenging time to build successful organizations and it is a challenging time to be human. The consequences for people and organizations that are governed by old habitual patterns are conflicts, lack of leadership, inefficiency and sick leave.

It is vital that the employees are able to handle themselves and their situation where private life and professional life are very much connected. If we can find a desirable balance between these foundations of life, the whole becomes more efficient, productive and meaningful.

A passus, one of the most challenging parts of a possible Marx expedition is about how the astronauts psychologically handle everyday life, the confined situation and the relationship with the other crew members. And how does these people function when they arrive home, physically as well as mentally? The parallel with our everyday life is quite obvious.

In the unconscious we often find the root of various problems but also untapped potential, courage and creativity. The ability to take personal responsibility goes through awareness of ones own personality, the events and living conditions that have influenced and shaped one’s life. Conscious people have the ability to bring order in chaos (eg change processes), they can separate what’s “mine, yours, ours and theirs”, they see a clear purpose with both their own role and the company’s and reconcile with the “hero” where the desire for joint cooperation towards success is the driving force. When unconsciousness is allowed to rule, we do not seldom see the opposite prevail, where a “victim culture” is the carrying force. It tends to give hierarchical goal oriented-only organizations driven by fear, acknowledge-seeking and personal gain.

Awareness and self-responsibility are of such fundamental importance that it will be a divider between people and organizations that make consciously founded decisions and effectively navigate in life and those who follow the norms and unconsciously let themselves be guided by emotions and algorithms.

By intercrossing scientific personality-data with psychological development, we establish an internal self-supporting system for awareness and self-responsibility. And we help our clients understanding which psychological factors that are limiting developments and results at personal and collective subconscious levels.



“The mind is like an iceberg, it floats with one-seventh of its bulk above water”

-Sigmund Freud