Why Filoskop

Why Filoskop

We live in a time where there is more uncertainty about the future than predictable order. It is a challenging time to live in and it is a challenging time to build successful organizations. People and organizations that are driven by personal and collective unconsciousness generate more conflicts, lack of leadership, inefficiency, stress and sick leave.

However, in the unconscious we do not only find the root to various problems but also untapped potential, courage and creativity. By identifying and releasing the, always to some degree, inhibited potential even the best performance can become better.

It can be quite challenging to meet yourself which means that Filoskop is not for everyone. Commonly for the people we work with is that they all are bold, curious and very motivated to get to know themselves and the organisation a little more.

We release potential and reduce interpersonal problems through;

Psychological awareness
Is based on a fundamental understanding of our personality, our needs and driving forces, our vulnerability, our defenses and behaviors and the events and life conditions that has affected and shaped us. Psychological awareness provides an understanding of the psychological factors that inhibits and promotes development and results on a personal and collective subconscious level. It also gives a deeper understanding of our values, what’s valuable to us and gives meaning in life. And from a psychological position, we also get a little better understanding of our colleagues, the group, the company and the society.

First we need to have a psychological awareness only after this can we truly take responsibility for ourselves and meet both others and our task in a clear and appropriate way. The word Empowerment sums-up what this is all about – A feeling and ability to control, affect and take responsibility of one’s own life. Or you could say it is about the will and ability to direct one’s energy in a desirable way.

Better collaborations
At first glance, this feels self-explanatory – productivity and efficiency without conflicts. Better collaborations is also about a coherent view of the purpose and meaning of the collaboration and what needs to be done to fulfill this. Collaborations that are defined by a “hero culture” where each person strives to, in his or her own way, best contribute to the purpose and overall meaning of the collaboration. To contribute to something greater than ourselves is a fundamental human need.

Through the insight and ability to take responsibility of one’s needs, privately as professionally, and the understanding of others, a greater well-being arises both on a personal level and for the company as a whole.

We need to go deep into ourselves to create sustainable change and success. Filoskop offers psychologically profound but easily accessible forms of development services based on psychological mapping, therapy and coaching, where we establish an inner self-supporting system for sustainable personal awareness and ability to self-responsibility, which might be the very definition of what freedom is.